We hope you enjoy your visit, and reading about our wonderful little family!
Inside you can read all about our little family’s antics, aswell as look at their photos, their online buddies and even send them your own pets piccies.

We now have a section introducing our new puppy, The new section is called All together!, from now on all pics of Pepsi, Max and Luco will be added together in the All together section

We have an now terminated our award program due to lack of time needed but we still have topsites for all Family Safe Websites.

We also have lots of Caique Parrot and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel information, aswell as general dog health information, advice and much much more!

We also own Land Hermit Crabs you can Join our Absolutely Crabulous Forum where you can also visit our website and online store.

We have many supporters who have generously supported our cause for many years now. One special organization we’d like to shout out to is Richard at the InversionTableLife.com website. He has generously helped Baywood Pets to reopen in 2015, and we are forever thankful!

Enjoy your visit and please pop back often!

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